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Firework Displays:


Darkstar Pyrotechnics are delighted to be able to offer their new, Firework Display service. Pyrotechnist, Paul Birch, has been working in the professional firework industry for over 16 years, and for much of that time has been designing and manufacturing fireworks. This has given him a unique perspective, not shared by many display providers. Paul understands fireworks from the inside out.


We like to think of our events more as “Pyrotechnic Statements”. There is a fine line between a display that is majestic and one that is boring – a line too often crossed by our competitors… Darkstar can never be accused of providing the predictable. We can provide regular displays, where requested – but our true forté is in creating the unusual and achieving maximum impact.


We are able to offer many unique and exclusive effects not available from other operators. Giant, custom fire writing, for example. Or, as seen on our home page, some truly ear-shattering whistle effects.  


Your safety is of paramount importance. Darkstar’s displays are fully insured, with up to £10 million public liability cover. We strive for perfection and professionalism in all we do.


Whilst we initially intend to cater for the smaller display market (from £500 to £3000) we would be happy to fulfil your requirements for larger events, by working with our pyrotechnic associates.


If you need to make a statement

If you need something different


You need Darkstar Pyrotechnics!


Please contact us to discuss your requirements:


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